Decarbonization – Necessity and Opportunity

Dekarbonisierung - Notwendigkeit und Chance

Definition of Decarbonization Since the start of the industrial revolution, large amounts of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas have been released into the atmosphere. A goal of global efforts is to reduce or eliminate these carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and thus limit global warming to a manageable level. The largest share of […]

Sustainable Urban Planning: Engage Citizens with Climate Tokens

Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung Radwegeplanung

Urban life is becoming increasingly complicated. Digital tools for sustainable urban planning can highlight the urban reality and the path towards more ecological responsibility, social justice, and economic sense. Data-driven decisions can be more inclusive, efficient, and cost-effective than the traditional negotiation processes between politics and business. This is also necessary because the increasingly accelerated […]

Why do we need a CO2 budget?

Klima-Taler CO2-Budget

The legally binding limit of a 1.5-degree Celsius increase in global warming by 2100, established in 2015, is primarily influenced by global CO2 emissions. Every state that has signed the “Paris Agreement” has a CO2 budget based on its population. Germany used up its CO2 budget in the spring of 2024, as informed by the […]

How Data Analysis Improves Urban Planning

Wie Datenauswertung die Stadtplanung verbessert

Discover in our webinar how Aachen, by using the Klima-Taler App Aachen.move, is able to make precise and agile decisions in urban planning. To tailor mobility in Aachen specifically to the needs of its residents and to achieve the declared goal of the “Climate Neutral City 2030”, Aachen introduced the Aachen.move app in July 2022. […]

AI for greener mobility: Successful project in the city of Aachen.

KI für umweltfreundlichere Mobilität: Erfolgreiches Projekt in der Stadt Aachen

A joint webinar on November 10, 2022 – 12:00pm: City of Aachen, Motiontag and Changers. Join our team for a webinar on Thursday, November 10 at 12pm. Together with Kay Oebels and Michael Pielen from the City of Aachen, Daniela Schiffer from Klima-Taler and Fabien Sauthier from our technology partner MOTIONTAG, we will talk about […]

Gamification – making municipal climate protection fun

Gamification für smart cities

Playing is just for kids? Not at all. In Germany, around 34.4 million people play video games. In this article, you will learn how to use the game instinct to sustainably inspire citizens for municipal climate protection. “Whoever can jump rope the longest wins!” Or, “Don’t step on a line on the floor until you […]

How do CO2 savings become climate coins?

Klima-Taler CO2 Berechnung

Anyone who supports municipal climate protection and uses the climate coin app to save CO2 is automatically credited with climate coins. Walking, cycling and using public transport – every climate-friendly distance travelled is measured and converted into climate coins. What the Climate Coin app does here without the user’s intervention is based on statistical calculations. […]

Seven ideas for using Climate Coins in municipal climate protection.

With the Climate Coin App municipal climate protection is integrated into everyday life in a playful way. The Climate Coin is the most important gamification element for firmly anchoring climate protection in your municipality. There are endless possibilities for using the Climate Coin. We are always impressed by how many ideas municipalities and cities develop […]