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Klimataler Vendor FAQ

You are a retailer, restaurateur, hotelier, cultural or sports event organizer, utility or disposal company, public swimming pool or library operator. Then you are in the right place.

You define an offer and deposit promo codes that users buy in the app with Climate Coins. Users receive the promo code you added to the offer in the app with their purchase. The code can be copied and entered in the promo field in your online store. The promised discount will be deducted from your customer’s shopping cart.

You define an offer that your customers can get on the spot in your store, restaurant or venue. Your offer is displayed in the app and users can be guided to your store on a map. Once on site, users scan your QR code on the Climate Partner poster. This is linked to your Climate Partner account. Climate Coins are deducted from the user’s account and a confirmation screen appears on their smartphone. This contains the title and image of the offer purchased, as well as a ‘check’ with the date and time of purchase. The confirmation screen remains on the phone for 5 minutes, after which the offer expires. This means that your customer has to show the screen to the cashier.

It’s up to you and your business. The easiest way is a discount on the next purchase. In the terms and conditions of each offer you determine whether the discount applies to the entire purchase or only to a specific product. Moreover, you can define how many discounts/offers you want to provide. Let’s say you are a bicycle dealer and on Saturdays your store is always packed, while at the beginning of the week no one comes in the morning. Then write in the terms and conditions that your offer is only available Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 2pm. If you are an event organizer and the performances during the week are not fully booked, use the Climate Thaler app and sell discounted tickets for exactly these performances. Of course, you can also offer a concrete euro amount. For example, 2 climate coins (KT) might be a 5 euro discount that is deducted from the shopping cart on site or online in your store. Or you give a hot drink of your choice, a red rose, the resizing of the new garment, a visit, an additional service, a special gift for free for 1 to 3 climate coins. Be creative. Take advantage of the flexibility offered by the digital solution.

For one Climate Coin your customer has to cycle or walk about 30 km. In other words, not use the car or travel approx. 65 kilometers by public transport. This saves 5 kilograms of CO2. Of course, you can define how many Climate Coins you charge for your offer.
We recommend:
5% discount – 1 or 2 Climate Coins
10% discount – 2 or 3 Climate Coins
15% discount – 3 to 5 Climate Coins
Free entrance to a museum, swimming pool or event – 5 to 20 Climate Coins

You always decide how many offers you want to give. You have no risk and there are no costs except for the discounts for your customers. Use this opportunity to draw attention to your company and your products. It is worth it.

Each Climate Partner can define how often an offer can be purchased by the customer. For this, you can choose the time periods weekly, monthly, yearly or unlimited and also set a number of purchases within this time period. If you don’t care about the frequency, please leave the setting at ‘unlimited’. If you want a user to be able to buy a voucher only 1 time each, set the interval to ‘yearly’ and the frequency to 1 time. However, you can also specify 3 x per week or 10 x per month, it depends individually on your offer. You can change this specification at any time.

The climate partner poster shows customers your participation in climate protection. It also contains your QR code via which users can buy your offer and get the Climate Coins deducted. It is available in the Climate Partner Portal in your account as a PDF download and can be printed from DIN A5, A4 and A3 on your office printer.


Yes, you can post multiple offers. Your customer will then get an overview of your offers to choose from by scanning the QR code.

Yes, you can easily create multiple locations that all offer the same offer.

No, the Climate Partner Poster is linked to your company and is always the same for all your offers.

You will find a reporting function in your account. There you can get all sales with date and the respective store as a download list.


You only need to create voucher codes for online vouchers. Here you can store individual codes or duplicate and set a single code multiple times. If the codes are used up, you will receive a message and your offer will no longer be displayed to the user. You can store additional codes at any time. The coupon codes should be generated from your shop system, because your store must recognize the code when it is entered in the ‘promo field’


No, on-site offers are not vouchers. You do not need to store any codes. You only define the quantity of offers. The purchase of the offer is done by the user by scanning the QR code in your Climate Partner poster. The coins are deducted from the user’s account by the scan and a confirmation screen testifies the successful purchase. All you have to do now is grant the customer his discount on the purchase.

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