Save CO2

Earn Climate Coins

Klima-Taler Gamification für mehr Bürgerbeteiligung im Klimaschutz

Get valuable Climate Coins now. When you walk, cycle and use public transport, you generate one Climate Coin for every 5 kg of CO2 saved using your city’s Climate Coins app. You can exchange your Climate Coins for discounts or free admission in all participating cities.

Climate Coins can be exchanged in all participating cities. Participants compete in three ranking lists for municipalities, schools and independent teams. View demo app here.  

How the Climate Coins App work

Climate Coins App explained succinctly in just 10 minutes in this video presentation. Learn how the local climate currency works and how you can use it to playfully and easily motivate your citizens to participate in your municipal climate protection measures and which cities and municipalities are already successfully using Climate Coins in their climate change mitigation activities.

Collect Climate Coins

Walk when possible

Use bicycle, e-bike, scooter

Ride bus and train

Participate in climate-friendly measures and learn more about alternative courses of action.

Save electricity, heat, water in a fun way with exciting peer group competitions and collect Klima Talers for savings.

With fun & games for more citizen participation

Klima-Taler Gamification Ranglisten

Team competitions between districts and cities

Klima-Taler Bäume pflanzen

Joint tree plantings according to savings targets achieved

Collect awards for achieving goals

It’s fun to make your own climate currency and to get attractive discounts, free admission or free goodies in return. And it feels good to do something for climate protection, concretely and every day. The Climate Coins and the many other activities that can be selected in the app are good for you and the environment.

Protecting the climate and stimulating new customer business

Measurable reductions in greenhouse gases, air and noise pollution

Climate Coins boost your local economy, retail, restaurants and cultural businesses

Local retailers, restaurants, cultural businesses and municipal institutions benefit from the app’s green marketing opportunities. Everyone can present themselves on the marketplace with their coupons and discount offers and thus attract new customers and retain the loyalty of existing customers. Anyone who uses the app is a potential customer and can exchange Climate Coins on site in the store or in the web store.

Climate Coins are socially equitable and sustainable

Sparen und das Klima schützen

Collecting Climate Coins is especially interesting for families with small incomes.

Everyone can travel more often on foot, by bicycle or public transport

Locally adaptable and globally networked

Each municipality or city receives its very own individually designed Climate Coins. As a Climate Coin City, you are integrated into an eco-system that is constantly growing and making the Climate Coins more and more attractive.

Download Climate Coin app now