Seven ideas for using Climate Coins in municipal climate protection.

With the Climate Coin App municipal climate protection is integrated into everyday life in a playful way. The Climate Coin is the most important gamification element for firmly anchoring climate protection in your municipality. There are endless possibilities for using the Climate Coin. We are always impressed by how many ideas municipalities and cities develop and what they get going with the Climate Coin. Here we present seven creative ideas. We would be delighted if you could tell us about your great ideas for your municipality so that we can publish and disseminate them. The more good ideas for the Climate Coin go around the world, the better for our climate, because every Climate Coin is generated by 5 kg of CO2 savings.

1. Climate Radio – Your desired title on the local radio station

You save CO2 and we play your favorite song.

Anyone who supports local climate protection can wish for their favorite song. For example, for 5 Climate Coins (25 kg CO2 savings), your favorite song will be played on the radio. This is how it works: Individual voucher codes are placed in the app’s premium marketplace by the radio station. Users buy the codes with their climate coins and send the code to the radio station by e-mail, naming a desired title.

2. Climate mobility – Free ride for climate heroes

Including local public transport as a major CO2 saver in the Climate Coin App is particularly attractive for climate protectors and anyone who wants to become one. And it’s very easy to do: There is a clearly visible QR code on the public transport buses. Users of the Climate Coin App scan the code before boarding and transfer Climate Coins to the bus. In this way, they receive a travel authorization for, say, one hour. The authorization is displayed on the smartphone. An expiration animation and a time stamp make the offer fraud-proof.

3. Culture Coins – Free admission to culture

Save CO2 forms

Whether it’s a museum, concert hall, theater or cinema – cultural institutions are also integrated into the Climate Coin App as climate partners. A “We’re in” poster is displayed at the box office of the venue, with the individual QR code clearly visible. Visitors scan this code and pay with Climate Coin. In return, they receive a discount or free admission, which is displayed on the smartphone. The description of the offer, poster and QR code are made available to the cultural enterprise by Changers via the Climate Partner portal.

4. Climate Swimming – Fit and Healthy for Municipal Climate Protection

Fit and healthy through CO2 savings

A visit to the public pool with the whole family can be expensive. Why not pay with Climate Coin? Visitors scan the QR code, which is clearly visible at the cash desk, and pay with Climate Coins for admission or receive a discount. This is decided by the municipality itself. The price discount or the admission entitlement is displayed on the smartphone.

5. Climate Lottery – Exciting Raffles

Experience shows that raffles motivate people to keep up their efforts to reduce CO2, especially in the area of municipal climate protection. The city offers prizes for this. These can be admission tickets of any kind, a guided tour of the city, a picnic in the Botanical Garden, monthly tickets for public transport, etc. The users buy raffle tickets with their Climate Coins. Those who reduce a lot of CO2 emissions can buy more raffle tickets and increase the probability of winning a prize. The draw is communicated in the app so that everyone can join in. The draw and communication of the winners takes place automatically through the app on the date chosen by the city.

6. The green series – Climate heros first

Climate protection can also be honored in a very special way with the Climate Coin App. Whether at the Theater, the cinema or the local soccer club, there are always 10 “green” seats reserved for the city’s climate heroes. Tickets for the coveted “green” row are available either in a raffle or through the purchase of Climate Coins.

7. Promote social projects – In collaboration with

If you protect the climate, you’re already doing good. But some cities even top that and support social projects with the Climate Coin App. For this, a fixed donation amount is distributed to local social projects. And according to this sum, a corresponding number of codes are placed on the marketplace of the climate app by our partner Particulate. Each code corresponds to a 5-euro donation and can be purchased by citizens with Climate Coins. The code can be entered on a donation platform in a donation field for the desired project. Usually, the municipal savings banks or municipal utilities of the respective cities provide the donation.

If your city or municipality has further good examples to follow for the use of the Climate Coin in municipal climate protection, feel free to write to us at:

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Nice to meet you!

We will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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