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Climate Hearts in Darmstadt a complete success

HEAG board members Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Ahrend (far left) and Dr. Markus Hoschek (far right) together with representatives of Kinder-Jugendfarm Darmstadt e.V., Konzertchor-Darmstadt e.V., Eber-schafts-Hilfe e.V., Lesen und Kultur für alle e.V. and VSG Darmstadt 1949 e.V. at the presentation of donations in the moat. © HEAG

Since the beginning of the year, citizens have made intensive use of the Darmstadt Im Herzen app. They have already generated 24,339 climate hearts and planted 3,000 trees with their climate-friendly behavior. This means that 121,695 kg of CO2 have been avoided through the use of green mobility alone. Added to this is a CO2 uptake from the air of 600,000 kg calculated over the lifetime of the trees. For these achievements, Darmstadt residents have already traveled 198,119 km on foot, 280,486 km by bike and 861,585 km by public transport. Congratulations for this great success!

Darmstadt Climate Hearts

Successful Climate Hearts special campaign for Darmstadt associations

In Darmstadt, this Climate Hearts concept has been a complete success. A special campaign ended successfully at the end of September. The citizens in Darmstadt 1,673 redeemed Climate Hearts at five selected associations in the city. This was during the campaign period from December 2021 to September 27, 2022. This is not only good for the climate, but also benefits the clubs. The city linked the climate hearts to a donation. One euro was donated for each redeemed heart. The Kinder-Jugendfarm Darmstadt e.V. and the Konzertchor-Darmstadt e.V., the initiatives Eber-schafts-Hilfe e.V., Lesen und Kultur für alle e.V. and the VSG Darmstadt 1949 e.V. are happy about this. HEAG board members Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Ahrend and Dr. Markus Hoschek confirm: “Among all the applications of the Darmstadt im Herzen app, the climate heart function is particularly popular.”

Those who leave their cars behind and walk, cycle or use public transport instead are not only making climate hearts. HEAG plants one tree seedling for the Darmstadt forest for every 100 kilometers traveled in an environmentally friendly manner. An additional motivation to save CO2. And here, too, there is a real success story from Darmstadt. From March to the end of September alone, user of the app planted 3,000 trees. Cities that do not want to initiate local tree planting can also easily offer the tree planting function with Changers’ existing tree planting partners.

Here’s more info on the climate coins.

And all Darmstädter citizens who do not yet have a Darmstadt im Herzen App on their smartphone can find all the info HERE.

HERE Info about the special project Darmstädter organizations.

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