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Targeted subsidies with climate coins

There is now a sustainable new exchange value for climate municipalities, the Climate Coins. They are based on 5 kilograms of CO2 savings. This makes it child’s play to produce, store and manage them – the app does it all automatically. Simply leave your car at home more often, walk more, ride a bike or use public transport. And the Climate Coins function in the app starts producing Climate Coins right away.

Companies that grant discounts, free admission or an additional service for the Climate Coins are called Climate Partners. These are, for example, museums, theaters, cultural institutions, swimming pools and, of course, the retailers of a climate municipality. These companies can create their own account on and post their offers. After activation by the municipalities, the offers are presented on the marketplace and on a map of the Climate Coin app. They are then available to users for exchange for their Climate Coins.

For the Climate Partners, this is free of charge. And thus a great opportunity to present themselves to the citizens of their community in a sustainable way. In this way, they contribute with their offers to making communities and cities more livable with less car traffic, air and noise pollution.

How can the climate coins be subsidized?

Climate municipalities and cities have the option of subsidizing Climate Coins. And thus providing targeted support for citizens who are under a heavy financial burden. For example, sports clubs in a municipality can offer their members the option of paying their monthly membership fee with Climate Coins, i.e. instead of 25 euros, the family transfers 25 Climate Coins to the club. For a family with two children, whose son is in the soccer club and whose daughter is in the swimming club, this would be a relief of 50 Euro.

Familien gezielt motivieren, häufiger das Rad zu benutzen.

In return, the family would be happy to leave the car at home (currently 68% of commuters still use the car, a great savings potential), walk more and use the bicycle. At the end of the month, the family can exchange Climate Coins in the app marketplace for the association’s online offer “Your monthly contribution”, i.e. they transfer 25 Climate Coins. In the purchase confirmation there is a short explanation with a hexadecimal code and an e-mail address. The code with the membership number and the name of the association member is sent to this e-mail address as confirmation of payment.

The club receives continuous reports in its Climate Coins partner account on how many members have paid the club fee with Climate Coins in the month. With a PDF statement, protected by a watermark, the sports club can obtain the agreed subsidies from the city. If the city wants to limit the subsidy to a maximum amount, the offer is simply hidden after the maximum amount is reached.

Even simpler is the subsidization of cultural enterprises, organizers or exhibitors. All they have to do is make an offer of reduced or free admission, put up the Climate Partner poster at the venue and let the visitors to their concert or exhibition scan the QR code shown. In this way, the Climate Coins are automatically transferred on site. The monthly account statement proves the transactions and the treasurer transfers the funding per Climate Coins.

Isn’t it easy to cheat there?

The Climate Coins app calculates the CO2 savings exclusively on the basis of an AI. This means that users cannot use fitness trackers, watches, Apple Health or Google Fit to record distances. There’s a good reason for this, as the aforementioned options make no distinction between mobility types, and users could also simply enter routes or simply record them during a conventional car trip.

The AI, however, is incorruptible and defines the correct mobility type with an accuracy of 95% to 90%. You cannot rule out fraud completely, but the the fraudster had to put so much effort in it which makes it unattractive. Because, of course, a motorist could be driving around downtown at 20 kilometers per hour while moving her cell phone ever so slightly to imitate riding a bike. But let’s face it, if motorists all voluntarily drove 20 mph downtown, they would have earned the Climate Coins, too. In other words, the Climate Coin is fraud-proof to the max.

Summary for climate municipalities

Subsidized Climate Coins have many benefits for the community and are also easy to administer. They are climate-friendly and a real benefit, especially for families with low incomes. 25, 50 or more euros represent real added value in the household budget. While the Climate Coins help the economically weaker to participate in social life and to have a climate plus in their pocket at the end of the month, the actual euro always ends up with the association, the cultural or sport enterprise or also with the retailer or the catering trade. Those responsible in the municipality decide who they want to support. In any case, climate communities always promote the local economy, not global online trade.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

More info on how you can become a climate municipality.

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